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Failed to run a tick for Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs


Reason for Locking

By NorthCam18, on 10/17/20 05:20 PM.




We've recently installed FivePD on our FiveM server and it seems to be generating a tremendous amount of errors, after running for only a day the console log is over 700MB.  The error being generated over and over again is the following (strewn with chinese characters too):

Failed to run a tick for Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs [.....] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object


A console screenshot is attached for reference.  This message is spammed repeatedly.


This issue occurred right after adding FivePD, and also appears that this script loads while loading FivePD:

Started resource 68Cam
Started resource 67impala
Started resource ladder2
Started resource Engine
Creating script environments for fivepd
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs㲽立䞈㬊䃊⤚�㎸䦍㸲䈲㩑㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮䮬䑇䡸�䖨�䗳.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs㲽立䞈㬊䃊⤚�㎸䦍㸲䈲㩑㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮䮬䑇䡸�䖨�䗳.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs㲽立䞈㬊䃊⤚�㎸䦍㸲䈲㩑㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮䮬䑇䡸�䖨�䗳.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs㲽立䞈㬊䃊⤚�㎸䦍㸲䈲㩑㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮䮬䑇䡸�䖨�䗳+Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs䫭䘭㣤ラ�䑢㡍��㲓䔗䛽�䖶䕞䩠㲥㣆�㛣ぢ⏡䱌㬚㟇䙡䞴㷣.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs㲽立䞈㬊䃊⤚�㎸䦍㸲䈲㩑㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮䮬䑇䡸�䖨�䗳.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs㲽立䞈㬊䃊⤚�㎸䦍㸲䈲㩑㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮䮬䑇䡸�䖨�䗳.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs㲽立䞈㬊䃊⤚�㎸䦍㸲䈲㩑㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮䮬䑇䡸�䖨�䗳.
Instantiated instance of script aT7x2o063ꈓﱞ︹Dﮜꀠꋊꀀꐠ�.
Started resource fivepd
Started resource Demon

Has anyone encountered this before or have any ideas how to correct this issue?



Screenshot at 2020-10-03 17-31-51.png

Edited by Kirk
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I think we have figured out the issue, the error was buried in all of the junk, but it appears we had a misconfiguration with the database.  After correcting the database connection issue, we are currently rid of the errors. ?

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