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FivePD Discord Bot Update (compatible with: FivePD v1.2)

Daniel K.

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This update contains new features that are only compatible with FivePD v1.2+. We might add additional commands and features before releasing v1.2 publicly, be sure to follow us on twitter for official announcements.

How to enable (in v1.2)


To enable the new commands, you must type your server's IP address in the config file. There is a default null value for "IP", you must change it. If you decide not to use the new commands, a warning message will be shown in the console, but you can ignore it.


Also, be sure to open port 5342 if you are having issues.

New Commands
  • !fivepd admin [set/revoke] [id/name/discord] "[identifier - quotes are optional (eg. you only need to type part of the name identifier and it'll automatically find the matching player on the server)]"
    • Sets/revokes the selected player' admin privilege (FivePD in-game admin rank).
  • !fivepd ban [discord/name/id] [identifier - quotes are optional] [time (eg. 10d)] "[reason - (optional)between quotes ]"
    • Bans the specified player from the server (FivePD in-game server ban).
  • !fivepd kick [discord/name/id] [identifier - qoutes are optional] "[reason - (optional)between quotes]"
    • Kick the specified player from the server (FivePD in-game server kick).
Example usage (images)











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