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Devrex Introduction


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Ugh yea hello i'm Devrex. Till this day I still question how I came up with the name and what it actually means. Some info about me is i'm 18 years old and live in the somewhat great state of Oklahoma. I first started to skin in the middle of 2018 and ever since then I have just been slowly doing new things and even learning new things as I go. I love to hangout and have fun when I am not working within the oil field or on the ranch. A bit about how I got here was someone said something about rednecks profile and so I went to go check it out and was like hey I wanna make an account. Honestly if I wouldn't have made a account here then I probably wouldn't have made any skins for the public. I have always been told you should make this public or you should make that public and honestly wish I would have started sooner. But yea that's a little about me and how I got here.


Yeah! You bad nut!

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