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can someone help me with this? i got no dispatch


Reason for Locking

By TheCipher01, on 09/11/20 09:16 PM.


ce runcode in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[system]/runcode
Found new resource scoreboard in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[system]/scoreboard
Found new resource sessionmanager in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[system]/sessionmanager
Found new resource sessionmanager-rdr3 in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[system]/sessionmanager-rdr3
Found new resource example-loadscreen in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[test]/example-loadscreen
Found new resource fivem in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[test]/fivem
Found new resource BetterBlaineCounty in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[ymap]/BetterBlaineCounty
Found new resource BlaineCountySignals in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[ymap]/BlaineCountySignals
Found new resource Cedar in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[ymap]/Cedar
Found new resource harmforest in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[ymap]/harmforest
Found new resource paletopd in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[ymap]/paletopd
Found new resource P_PD in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[ymap]/P_PD
Found new resource Redwood in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[ymap]/Redwood
Found new resource roads in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[ymap]/roads
Found new resource sandyairfield in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[ymap]/sandyairfield
Found new resource fivem-map-hipster in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[gamemodes]/[maps]/fivem-map-hipster
Found new resource fivem-map-skater in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[gamemodes]/[maps]/fivem-map-skater
Found new resource redm-map-one in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[gamemodes]/[maps]/redm-map-one
Found new resource webpack in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[system]/[builders]/webpack
Found new resource yarn in C:/TCAFiles\Users\brianm1\24083/resources//[system]/[builders]/yarn
Creating script environments for sessionmanager
Started resource sessionmanager
Creating script environments for webadmin
Instantiated instance of script FxWebAdmin.BaseServer.
Instantiated instance of script FxWebAdmin.HttpServer+HttpServerScript.
Started resource webadmin
Creating script environments for monitor
Started resource monitor
Creating script environments for mapmanager
Started resource mapmanager
Creating script environments for chat
Started resource chat
Started resource spawnmanager
Stopping resource sessionmanager
Creating script environments for sessionmanager
Started resource sessionmanager
Started gametype Freeroam
Started resource basic-gamemode
Started resource fivem
Creating script environments for hardcap
Started resource hardcap
Creating script environments for rconlog
Started resource rconlog
Started resource scoreboard
Creating script environments for cooldown
Started resource cooldown
Creating script environments for ELS
[91m[ELS-FiveM (ELS)] [32mSuccessfully loaded 17/23 VCF files![97m
Started resource ELS
Started resource eup-stream
Started resource eup-ui
Creating script environments for fivepd
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qsï»ã²½ï§·äžˆã¬Šï¡ ï’䃊î€â¤šî¡žï¿½ãŽ¸ä¦ã¸²äˆ²ã©‘㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮îŠä®¬î¢£ä‘‡ï‹£ä¡¸ï¿½ä–¨ï£¹î¸™ï¿½ï¡¢î™¢ä—³ï‘¸.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qsï»ã²½ï§·äžˆã¬Šï¡ ï’䃊î€â¤šî¡žï¿½ãŽ¸ä¦ã¸²äˆ²ã©‘㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮îŠä®¬î¢£ä‘‡ï‹£ä¡¸ï¿½ä–¨ï£¹î¸™ï¿½ï¡¢î™¢ä—³ï’‡.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qsï»ã²½ï§·äžˆã¬Šï¡ ï’䃊î€â¤šî¡žï¿½ãŽ¸ä¦ã¸²äˆ²ã©‘㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮îŠä®¬î¢£ä‘‡ï‹£ä¡¸ï¿½ä–¨ï£¹î¸™ï¿½ï¡¢î™¢ä—³ï’ˆ.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qsï»ã²½ï§·äžˆã¬Šï¡ ï’䃊î€â¤šî¡žï¿½ãŽ¸ä¦ã¸²äˆ²ã©‘㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮îŠä®¬î¢£ä‘‡ï‹£ä¡¸ï¿½ä–¨ï£¹î¸™ï¿½ï¡¢î™¢ä—³ï’+Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs䫭䘭㣤ラ�䑢ã¡ï¿½ï¿½ïœã²“䔗䛽�䖶䕞䩠㲥㣆�㛣î›ã¢â¡ä±Œã¬šãŸ‡ä™¡äž´îŽ›ã·£.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qsï»ã²½ï§·äžˆã¬Šï¡ ï’䃊î€â¤šî¡žï¿½ãŽ¸ä¦ã¸²äˆ²ã©‘㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮îŠä®¬î¢£ä‘‡ï‹£ä¡¸ï¿½ä–¨ï£¹î¸™ï¿½ï¡¢î™¢ä—³ï’.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qsï»ã²½ï§·äžˆã¬Šï¡ ï’䃊î€â¤šî¡žï¿½ãŽ¸ä¦ã¸²äˆ²ã©‘㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮îŠä®¬î¢£ä‘‡ï‹£ä¡¸ï¿½ä–¨ï£¹î¸™ï¿½ï¡¢î™¢ä—³ï’’.
Instantiated instance of script Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qsï»ã²½ï§·äžˆã¬Šï¡ ï’䃊î€â¤šî¡žï¿½ãŽ¸ä¦ã¸²äˆ²ã©‘㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮îŠä®¬î¢£ä‘‡ï‹£ä¡¸ï¿½ä–¨ï£¹î¸™ï¿½ï¡¢î™¢ä—³ï’•.
Instantiated instance of script aT7x2o063ꈓïžï±žï™‹ï¸¹ï–«ïŽ™î¦³î·¶ï¼¤î¥¼ï–‘ïœî´¤î‹ïžœî¨†ï®œî…ꀠꋊî¿ê€€ï‘…ïŽï„ê ï”¢ï·¨î½§î¯.
Started resource fivepd
Creating script environments for LegacyFuel
Started resource LegacyFuel
Started resource hellcat
Started resource NoDriveBy
Started resource playerlist
Creating script environments for PoliceSpikeStrip
Started resource PoliceSpikeStrip
[93mCouldn't find resource polschafv2.[0m
Started resource pve
Started resource SexySpeedometer
Started resource speedcamera
Started resource StreetDisplay
Creating script environments for vMenu
Instantiated instance of script vMenuServer.BanManager.
Instantiated instance of script vMenuServer.MainServer.
Started resource vMenu
Started resource Walkable
Creating script environments for wk_wars2x
Started resource wk_wars2x
Started resource NativeUI
Started resource Loading_screen
Creating script environments for ArrestAnims
Started resource ArrestAnims
Creating script environments for pv-indicators
Started resource pv-indicators
Creating script environments for FireScript
Started resource FireScript
Started resource fivepdaudio
Creating script environments for SEM_InteractionMenu
Started resource SEM_InteractionMenu
Started resource Seatbelt
Started resource CarCommand
Started resource durango
Started resource explorer
Started resource ford
Started resource BetterBlaineCounty
Started resource BlaineCountySignals
Started resource Cedar
Started resource harmforest
Started resource P_PD
Started resource paletopd
Started resource Redwood
Started resource roads
Started resource sandyairfield
Started resource lspd
Started resource sahp
Started resource nysp
Stopping resource hellcat
Started resource hellcat
Started resource bcso
Started resource unmarked
Started resource Vehicle160Pack
Started resource handsup
Stopping resource ArrestAnims
Creating script environments for ArrestAnims
Started resource ArrestAnims
Started resource voicechat
Creating script environments for ghmattimysql
Started resource ghmattimysql
Argument count mismatch (passed 1, wanted 2)
Authenticating server license key...
Server license key authentication succeeded. Welcome!
Sending heartbeat to https://servers-ingress-live.fivem.net/ingress
(node:27788) [DEP0095] DeprecationWarning: timers.enroll() is deprecated. Please use setTimeout instead.
(node:27788) [DEP0095] DeprecationWarning: timers.enroll() is deprecated. Please use setTimeout instead.
(node:27788) [DEP0126] DeprecationWarning: timers.active() is deprecated. Please use timeout.refresh() instead.
(node:27788) [DEP0126] DeprecationWarning: timers.active() is deprecated. Please use timeout.refresh() instead.
Started map fivem-map-skater
Started resource fivem-map-skater
[93mAuthenticating with Nucleus...[0m
server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 2264 milliseconds

  ||    __          __        _ _   _                _____   _____   ___ __   __
  ||    \ \        / /       (_) | | |         /\   |  __ \ / ____| |__ \\ \ / /
  ||     \ \  /\  / / __ __ _ _| |_| |__      /  \  | |__) | (___      ) |\ V / 
  ||      \ \/  \/ / '__/ _` | | __| '_ \    / /\ \ |  _  / \___ \    / /  > <  
  ||       \  /\  /| | | (_| | | |_| | | |  / ____ \| | \ \ ____) |  / /_ / . \ 
  ||        \/  \/ |_|  \__,_|_|\__|_| |_| /_/    \_\_|  \_\_____/  |____/_/ \_\
  ||                             Created by WolfKnight
  ||    Current version: 1.2.4
  ||    Latest recommended version: 1.2.4
  ||    [32mWraith ARS 2X is up to date!
[97m  ||

[31m[ERROR] ER_DBACCESS_DENIED_ERROR: Access denied for user 'db24083'@'%' to database '24083'[0m
(node:27788) [DEP0096] DeprecationWarning: timers.unenroll() is deprecated. Please use clearTimeout instead.
(node:27788) [DEP0096] DeprecationWarning: timers.unenroll() is deprecated. Please use clearTimeout instead.
[ Five[94mPD [97m][32m Loaded charges.json[97m
[91m        fff                          
[91m  cccc ff   xx  xx     rr rr    eee  
[91mcc     ffff   xx       rrr  r ee   e 
[91mcc     ff     xx   ... rr     eeeee  
[91m ccccc ff   xx  xx ... rr      eeeee 
[32mAuthenticated with cfx.re Nucleus: [0mhttps://coolgaming-2by6zb.users.cfx.re/
[ Five[94mPD [97m][32m Loaded callout configuration file[97m
[ Five[94mPD [97m][32m Successfully connected to the Database[97m
server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 508 milliseconds
[91mSEM_InteractionMenu Version Check Failed![0m



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1. Press F11 and go "On Duty"

2. Spawn a the Car "police" via F11 menu and get in.

3. Press B, the computer sould open.

4. You see on the bottom of the computer a line, where you type the admin password, default: "admin" or you changed it "fivepd\config.json" line 36. When it doesn't work, here is a good tutorial:




5. When you are logged in as admin go on the plus and create a new department.




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when i press b not

1 hour ago, Huntley said:

11 and go "On Duty

when i get into my server i press f11 and it go's on duty and then i get into fbi can the want in game already and i press b and nothing comes up and it does show me on duty i have a pic 


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