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Statement from FivePD


Message added by Ray

Yesterday, at 3:04 PM EDT, FiveM released an update to their platform which caused FivePD to no longer start properly. After continued talks with their development team, we have determined that the only fix for this issue involves updating FivePD server installations. A new version has been released and is available here. We advise all server owners to update immediately to re-enable FivePD.

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Hi everyone,

We'd like to thank all of you for your support throughout the recent events that occurred with FivePD. We are sorry for this inconvenience, and know that we've talked with CFX Collective aka FiveM about this current situation. We're currently working with them to resolve this completely. We will update within 24-36 hours. Please do not cause problems or issues with FiveM. In the meantime we have agreed with FiveM to remove the server browser as a VIP perk (more information will be released at a later time).  Stay up to date on FivePD by following us on Twitter.


Please do not make a support ticket with GTAPoliceMods or FiveM about your server being blacklisted. We are working to get those servers resolved.

Thank you.


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Kind regards,



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