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FivePD resource not loading properly


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By BGHDDevelopment, on 09/02/20 02:22 PM.


So yesterday I was able to install FivePD on my server box and it worked well. Then it stopped connecting to the database and failed to recognize new players, even though there was no error to the database. Now I tried installing a fresh new server with the only resource as FivePD, reinstalled the database and it appears to be connecting with no errors - but whenever I get into game past the loading screen none of the menu's pop up and its like FivePD isnt installed. Any help is appreciated.



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7 minutes ago, Mike 7-17 said:

I'm having the same issue, it started today and when I load in I get no errors from console(even when I restart fivepd) but the duty menu doesn't work and it doesn't show the on duty status on the top left. I recently added esx jobs and thought that broke it. But anyways Do we need to wait for another fivem patch? (I would assume)


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