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FivePD - Call stays in the ongoing


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By BGHDDevelopment, on 09/08/20 03:24 AM.


Hello all!


Some times calls will not go away in the MDT after the callout goes out and gets ignored. It will also sometimes not go away. Calls also never go into the "completed" tab in there. Is this a bug or am I missing a feature that I was never aware of?


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I'm getting that two line error a bunch in the console, then it looks like i'm getting the larger message after that callout doesn't get accepted. It is still in the active callout section in cad.

I have noticed this happening with the callouts that come with FivePD though

Annotation 2020-08-27 113839.png

Annotation 2020-08-27 113750.png

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14 hours ago, ConductorWon said:

I would try making sure the callouts with their own configs are in separate folders. If you still have an error after that go one by one to try and find the callout with the issue

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6 hours ago, ConductorWon said:

@Conway So the one's with their own callouts should be in their own folder within the callouts folder? Do I need brackets in the folder name?

No brackets - example: 

Into a Folder Called: "Callout 1"

You only need to do that for callouts with a config as @BGHDDevelopment said. If the callout does not have a config file, you do NOT need a subfolder. 



Community Administrator and FivePD Support Guru



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