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[ FivePD ] Unloading FivePD...


Reason for Locking

By Sebo, on 08/26/20 08:05 PM.


i have this issue like for one week or more..

my server on zap-hosting

i tried to reinstall fivepd many times, didnt work

tried to reinstall the whole server and installed fivepd alone not worked also

i deleted the database and create new one, not worked also..

tried many times on the database still NO!


and this is same error showed up to me in console..


anyone has an idea how to solve this?

error fivepd.png

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1 hour ago, BGHDDevelopment said:

Check your database details as it's not connecting

alright, Now SOLVED.. big fat thanQ.. 

its not my connection but i got it from "connecting"

prob was Name of database : Fivepd

and in my zap hosting database was different.. so i put all the same name (like my username) it worked NOW!


i appreciate ur work and the others.. thanQ all.




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