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Npc issue


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By BGHDDevelopment, on 09/02/20 02:27 PM.


Okay so when everything on my local pc hosted for me only and the npc,s work fine on all callouts.But then on the vps server were me and my friends play the npc,s just stands there and it seems like there is some lag or some delay on accepting callouts the blip on the map sometimes gone and then you either have you relog or restart the server cuz you cant accept any call out after there was some error but i didnt take any screenshot but if i find in while i try stuff il post it only script i have about npc,s is to have more people on the map same with vehicles

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7 hours ago, ApexRP said:

Nah thats the thing when im alone it works amazing and sometime its really good with other ppl and some times its horrible

Likely you have another plugin managing the spawning of your NPCs - NPCControl, Disabledispatch, etc. Keep in mind, NPCs only spawn near players, so if you're flying down Great Ocean at 250 MPH, the NPCs aren't going to spawn. 



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