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Callouts that are in folders.


Reason for Locking

By Sebo, on 08/13/20 11:23 AM.


Currently running FivePD 1.1.4 and it seems that every callout that is inside of a folder (for example: \callouts\CarCallouts\CarCallouts.net.dll & config.json) is not getting recognized by fivepd when the resource starts up. I have tried the rollback of the callout pack to the older FivePD version of the pack and that seems to work completely fine. I have one error of "An error has occured: Invalid json file (disable_callouts.json)" in which is the default brackets. Any help would be appreciated.image.png.3d30b06ab9deb66b201b312d5d0e0862.png explorer_CDJ34p0yBZ.png.1ecec7ba2fb63ddd4fe8731bb7a5b9c4.png image.png.cf3e5e2dfd4b072688fe28ea41c2e86a.png 

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