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Affiliate Spotlight - PJBrooks927


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This week, @PJBrooks927 is our Community Spotlight, which wraps up the Affiliate Spotlight articles for now! PJ is both an affiliate with GTAPoliceMods and Twitch, where he is a variety streamer, but his content usually consists of GTARP, FivePD, and Sea of Thieves. PJ started gaming around age 3-4 in the 90s, and has been streaming for the last 2 years. He's been apart of Fire/EMS for 12 years, and working as a 911 dispatcher for 3 years as well. Recently, PJ has been working at an airport full time, and gaming/streaming when able. He's also a new great father, to his 10 month old son!



What made you interested in the affiliate program?

I first became interested in the Affiliate program shortly after I joined the GPM community. I saw a few featured names and checked out all of their profiles. Thinking that was a pretty awesome way to showcase and promote its members, I looked into how to apply. As a streamer, you are always looking out for new and exciting ways to build your community. The GPM Affiliate program was the perfect fit for my channel and I. Between streaming FivePD and GTARP regularly, what better affiliation could I ask for? I was/am honored to be accepted as an Affiliate for GPM.


What is your favorite part about streaming?

My favorite part about streaming is interacting with the chat and possibly making someones day better. Every stream I ask how everyone's day or weekend was and if anything exciting happened. I like to hear about others life experiences and talk about my experiences as well. Its always exciting meeting and chatting with viewers and making friendships out of it. My very close group of friends that I have "The Hazzards", was made from chatting in each others streams.


What brought you into streaming?

I have been watching YouTube videos of gaming for over 10 years. I wanted to be a YouTuber, but just could never handle all the editing that needed to take place. I then heard of streaming in early 2018. I watched a variety of streamers and started learning. I got very interested in streaming and started putting some plans together but just never had that drive to do it. I was afraid but really wanted to try. After a few weeks of my friends convincing me to start streaming, I finally built up the courage to hit the "Go Live" button on June 20th, 2018. I never looked back!


Do you have any advice for those who want to get started with streaming?

My advice to anyone who wants to start streaming is watch, learn, try, try harder, never give up and most importantly, BE YOURSELF. Streaming is a tough business. What you put into streaming, is what you will get out of it. You cant just slap a game on a screen and expect 10,000 viewers to show up. Streaming takes time. I have put countless hours into my stream and it is still no where close to being perfect. I've come to learn that it will never be perfect. But no matter what, I'm not giving up. It has become my passion. 


Out of all the streams you've done, which is your favorite?

Out of everything I have done and accomplished in streaming, my favorite parts are my community and my friends. Hands down, no doubts about it. We are an open community that accepts all walks of life... except spiders... and snakes. We don't care about the color of your skin or your political views. All we care about is that you have fun and enjoy your time with us. I couldn't ask for anything more.








I love having the opportunity to converse with those who serve their communities, and who are also dedicated to their online community. It's also great to see someone interested in the aviation world, like myself ?. Aside from the world, PJ does an amazing job of fun streams that always entertain his audience. PJ joined the Affiliate Program in late March, and had the honor of being the first affiliate/testing team member to stream and showcase FivePD! Please go check out PJ and his community using the links above, and read more about him at his affiliate page!

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Arguably the best VIP member here


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