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Server Thread Hitch Warnings


Reason for Locking

By NorthCam18, on 08/07/20 01:10 AM.


FivePD Version 1.1.4 
Linux Based Server

Iceline Gaming Is The Server Host


Updating from 1.1.2 To 1.1.4 Ive Noticed That The Server Has Been Lagging A Lot More, After Stopping Scripts 1 by 1 and finally finding that it has been FivePD causing the Server Hitch Warnings. Im not to sure what causes it but Ive been seeing it more when players are first connecting and then it starts. Once Running For A While It Gets Significantly Worse And Sometimes I have to stop it completely. Ive Tried Going Back To 1.1.3 And it also has the same issue. When on 1.1.2 I did not ever see the hitch warnings so this is new to us.  It also usually ranges anywhere from 200MS to 700+MS. I wish I had more info to track down what causes it but it is random at times, once the server is first started I only see the hitch warnings when fivepd registers the player. After time goes on is when i see a significant increase in the hitch warnings.

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Is there any way to get the download for version 1.1.2 again? Between 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 Its giving major hitch warnings and im unable to find version 1.1.2 any where to test it to see if its a resource i have doing it or fivePD


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