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introducing myself - caleb kerstetter


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I'm eating a chicken burrito right now bc i love them. how that for a intro. anyway i'm Caleb and im dieing to play gta with the fivepd mods and such. i got my gaming pc recently and this was the hole reason i even got a pc. i really hope somebody can help me get into these servers bc boy oh boy am i having trouble. polecat and bayareasbuggs make this look so easy. anyway i could really use a little help setting things up or installing or whatever it is i have to do to be able to play with you guys. i really want to play already. ive been trying to watch like beginner installation videos for the mods but i just cant succeed with it YET. plz help lol. five pd is a great community and i will look into purchasing a vip membership to support the community as well as i'm  sure vip status come with some pretty cool extras. peace out girl scout. really hope someone sees and helps. 

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Hello Caleb and welcome to GPM ?


All you need to play on a FivePD server is to have GTA and FiveM installed. If you run into any issues, we have a great support section here https://gtapolicemods.com/index.php?/forums/forum/24-community-support/ where you can create a post in either GTAV Support, or other Support if it's FiveM related and we'll help you getting everything working.


Have fun and feel free to contact us regarding any issues ?


My personal Discord server: Click

My LSPDFR community Discord server: Click

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