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Does FivePD support the latest FiveM FX Server release?


Reason for Locking

By Sebo, on 08/02/20 11:28 AM.


Had to reinstall our FivePD server thanks to Zap-Hosting screwing up a simple task and in the process I thought I'd check if we can run the current release of FX Server. On watching through the Install video by BGHD he says to use the latest release. So I did however when FivePD loads there are horizontal and vertical scrollbars. I've been testing for nearly a 8 or so hours and have confirmed it is the FivePD resource that is doing it.


I have tried with just a fresh 1.1.4 install no additional content or callouts and it still has the scrollbars, as soon as I remark out FivePD it's fine. Any ideas?



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