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GPS Waypoint Bug?

Reason for Locking

By BGHDDevelopment, on 08/04/20 03:55 PM.


Hello all! I'm just curious to know if anyone else has been experiencing this bug I'm noticing.. So oddly enough, after starting up FivePD, going on duty, and checking the console to make sure I'm good to go, I'll accept a callout like normal and respond. Now after calling that one code 4 and moving on, the next call will not show me a routed location to go to on the map which I find very odd!.. What's even more weird is that I cannot place waypoints either. It makes the dinging sound as if I'm placing one but you cannot see them at all, and this will not go away until after restarting FivePD. I'm not catching any errors anywhere, and I'm still toying around with it to see what's going on or if I can figure it out but in the meantime I figured I might ask around here to see if anyone else has ever experienced this before. Thanks for your help! 

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