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Affiliate Spotlight - BGHDDevelopment


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This week, @BGHDDevelopment is our Community Spotlight! BGHDDevelopment, or otherwise known as Stephan, is a student/entrepreneur, UAS photographer, and YouTube creator. Stephan is the founder and CEO of BGHDDevelopment, a software development business focusing on Minecraft plugins, GTAV resources, and other programs, all resulting in over a hundred thousand downloads with an average review of five stars. BGHDDevelopment uploads daily videos on their YouTube account, usually consisting of tutorials, installation videos, code showcases and more.



What made you interested in the affiliate program?

I like many found out about FivePD through YouTube videos others were posting. I have played LSPDFR for years prior and always wished to see a multiplayer version. After I watched the first FivePD video, I knew I must get involved. I made my first video on the FivePD install process, which has become my most popular video of all time accumulating over 40 thousand views. Since then, I have created a bunch of FivePD/FiveM videos and join the affiliate program to help the community out with all the resources I can.


What is your favorite part about what you do?

I think my favorite part about what I do is the ability to help a bunch of people./ Most of the videos on my channels are either tutorials on coding, resources, plugins, installs, but I also do a bunch of review videos on different serves to inform them on what they can improve on. I love being able to give back to the community and help people gain the ability to make great servers and resources.


What brought you into wanting to create videos/write code?

I started coding back in 2016,m making basic Minecraft Spigot plugins, and have been expanding ever since. Today I currently manage over 50 public Minecraft resources, run a development team for private commissions, upload daily to YouTube, and recently been creating some of the largest FivePD callout packs. But the thing which I always turn back to when thinking about how I got to where I am today is my dedication to create high-quality resources/plugins which improve people's servers without charging extreme amounts. In fact, a significant number of the things I code can be found on GitHub all open source.


Do you have any advice for those who want to get started at YouTube/code?

I have to say in terms of coding: Try and fail as many times as you can. This is the number one thing you can do to become a great developer. When I started coding, I asked for help on forums and developer discords consistently and it helped, but the place where I learned the most is when I was creating plugins and resources myself but when they broke, I had to figure it out myself. This really lets you learn the language you are coding in, as you will know what you need to do differently next time. For starting a YouTube channel, I highly suggest just going for it and making content that makes you happy. Don't create content just because you think others will watch it; make it because you like to make it. I learned this early on when making videos, and it's what motivates me to make content daily.


Out of everything you've done/created, which is your favorite?

This is a tough question to answer because I really enjoy everything I have done. If I had to pick one thing which would stand out to me, it would have to be my YouTube channel. This channel showcases a significant portion of my work and also highlights other's work as well. It's a place that I can always upload to, and I know someone will see ti and hopefully enjoy what I created.










It was great having the opportunity to talk with the CEO of BGHDDevelopment, Stephan, and discussing his journey and creation of his successful company and media platform. I myself have personally seen and heard the background of the process that goes into daily YouTube uploads, and know the amount of love and work that goes into all resources and videos. I highly recommend checking out BGHDDevelopment's daily videos on their YouTube channel, and you can read more about the company on their affiliate page!


If you notice any typos in this article, please report this post under the "Other" category and specify where the typo was found.

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