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Introducing Myself - AusDave


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Hi Everyone.

Finally found an RP community that doesn't ask you to have 20yrs experience. I used to RP within Second Life ( yeah I know, Please dont hold that against me ).  Ok so I have been following several members for some time now, Buggs, Alex, Jeff...yeah, the crazy ones..I wanted to get into FiveM but thats not happening for several years so I scanned Buggs you tube channel and saw GPM... From watching various YT vids, i honestly believe that FivePD is gonna be a great place to RP.

Personnally, I am older then you might think considering I used to RP using a bulletin board ( again, yeah I know ) .  Love anything Police even though I am an Ambulance officer in RL. I also love flying and driving so hopefully I can make my way into Air 1.. Other then that, if ya wanna know, Just ask.

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Hello @AusDave and welcome to GPM ?


FiveM and FivePD are both great for roleplaying and I'm glad you finally found a community that suits your needs. 

Enjoy your time here and don't hesitate to reach out to us about any questions that might come up. ✌️


My personal Discord server: Click

My LSPDFR community Discord server: Click

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Welcome to GPM, @AusDave!


I'm sure you are going to love it here and I sincerely hope that you enjoy FivePD ? Also, don't forget to join our Discord server!


Have a wonderful week and stay safe!

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