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Affiliate Spotlight - Modern Solutions

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I'm happy to feature @Modern Solutions as this week's Affiliate Spotlight! Affiliating with GTAPoliceMods back in the beginning of May, Modern Solutions has been the sole official provider of VPS servers pre-installed with FivePD, to ease and quicken the installation process. Based out of Dallas, Texas, MS is a VPS and dedicated server hosting provider that opened in 2017, with the release of their CAD/MDT products. MS strives and puts in the effort to provide high quality servers, friendly and helpful customer support, for the best prices on the server market. Over the last 3 years, Modern Solutions serves over 150,000 end users spanned across over 2,000 communities per month. The main focus shift from CAD/MDT products over to hosting services occurred in late 2019, which has since led them to be the host of VPS, Dedicated, Colocation, Voice and Web hosting products.



What made you interested in the affiliate program?

Being personal fans and users of GPM, we were attracted to the release of FivePD and wanted to provide this new gamemode with a new hosting service that could rise to the challenge of serving those that use it. Thus, a natural partnership formed and ever since our focus has become supporting new FivePD community owners with affordable hosting services for their servers.


What led to the creation of Modern Solutions?

Seeing a lack of officialized products and support for the GTA Roleplaying crowd, we felt it was important to provide state of the art CAD/MDT and Community Management systems while providing helpful information and centralized resources for community owners. Over time this naturally expanded to cover hosting services, and now stretches much further than the GTA Roleplaying world.


What is your favorite part of operating Modern Solutions?

We enjoy being able to provide representation to the GTA Roleplaying niche, whether it be through our CAD/MDTs or Hosting, we're one of the only providers focused on supporting communities in this space and as roleplaying changes and new things become possible, we enjoy rising to those new challenges to ensure each and every community has the best CAD/MDTs and hosting products for their servers.







It was great being able to connect with Tyler and the entire Modern Solutions team behind the scenes of running the MS operation. It's also amazing seeing how Modern Solutions successed and grew over the years, as even I remember them from the beginning. We've been very lucky to have Modern Solutions as an affiliate with GTAPoliceMods, as they've been a great help to the FivePD community with assisting with the set up of FivePD servers, and other services. For more information about Modern Solutions, please check out their site linked above, or their affiliate page!

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