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Police station spawn point

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By TheCipher01, on 07/22/20 06:22 AM.


Hey guys I am new around here, so first off Hi 🙂

My question is how would I be able to make it so that when players spawn into the server they spawn at a set location (police station) for example, and upon dying respawning back to

that point also. I have looked at the spawn manager but not sure what im doing yet so would like some pointers, TIA.

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Okay, by searching I found out if you edit the map.lua in gamemodes > maps you can find the spawn points and edit it to your liking, I removed all the random points and just added the police station spawn of which I want me and my players to spawn at with this: 

spawnpoint 'a_m_y_skater_01' { x = 424.45, y = -1014.86, z = 29.02 }

^for the skater map, and below is for hipster:

spawnpoint 'a_m_y_hipster_01' { x = 424.45, y = -1014.86, z = 29.02 }

of course you can add more as it already shows the example of the random ones in there anyway.

Thanks for the help 🙂 

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Just now, TheCipher01 said:

You can't make them spawn at police stations through FivePD.

em okay, so no way to edit the spawn points at all with a config? even outside of a police station rather than in the mountains? lol

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