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Players not showing in database


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By TheCipher01, on 07/23/20 05:59 PM.


alright so today I'm having an issue with some of my players not able to connect to the database. But the weird thing is a member could join right after this member and they connect to the database just find does anyone know what the solution could be......



Update: the player that couldn't connect to the database just now showed up after sitting in the server......

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Please make sure your database details are correct in the config file of fivepd - including the database name if it differs at all.

Reason being that some users may show on the database, and others not - Is that some of the users who are already on there, may have already been registered within the database whilst it was still working.

If the connection to the database is not correct, then it will not and can not write to the database.


Please send a few screenshots of your server console and your in-game F8 Menu so we can debug further. 





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