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FivePD v1.1.4 - Update - Outdated

Daniel K.

Message added by Conway,

This version of FivePD is out-of-date; we recommend using the latest version to avoid issues. Support/Bug Reports/Suggestions may/will be ignored for old/older versions. 

Grab the latest version of FivePD here.


Happy Patrolling 🚔!

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  • Development Team

 IMPORTANT: If you have already had FivePD v1.1.4 working before, you only need to change the following files:



This is a very small update that fixes most of the animation issues.

  • You must release the ped before being able to set it in a vehicle (to prevent your arm from being stuck in anim)
  • Cuff animation issues
    • Cuffed peds won't automatically follow you (note that they might despawn if you go far away from them and nobody is looking at them)
  • ... and a few more minor issues.
How to update from v1.1.3
  • Replace (1 file only)
    • FivePD_client.net.dll
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So fast. Awesome job.

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