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FivePD stuck on script loading....


Reason for Locking

By TheCipher01, on 07/18/20 05:42 PM.


My FivePD is stuck on the loading screen (When it attempts to load scripts).

I tried to  comment out the scripts that I have added, but that did not help solve the script loading issue and according to the server load screen, everything is fine (screenshot attached).

Here is a list of scripts that I currently have taken directly from my server.cfg:
lux_vehcontrol (addon script)
vMenu (Addon Script)


All the ones that I didn't mark as addon script, are the default scripts in case you were wondering.

I have run my server before and it didn't take long to spawn in, not sure what is the issue now.

I am running fivePD 1.1.3.


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Found out the issue.

I had changed the load order of the scripts in the server.cfg file without realizing doing so would "break" my fivepd server.

I have reinstalled fivepd and all is working as it should.

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