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ELS not working !

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By TheCipher01, on 07/20/20 04:57 PM.


Hello, I rencently downloaded moded police cars in order to use ELS. But I have one problem. Indeed I can open the ELS menu which is CTRL+U or use sirens. I have Script Hook installed my moded cars are correctly installed (I try with other models). So if you can help me, thanks.

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Hi @FunPay!


A few things we can run through to get your ELS up and running:


- Are you using [ELS] compatible police cars? They will always note this in the title of the vehicle mod. 

- If the menu opens that is a good sign. Are you clicking the "J" key 3 times to enable your lights? If so, are you hearing beeps when you click the "J" key?


- Lastly if all that is a yes, have you installed the VCF file the modder has provided you with the modded police vehicle? This file will be pasted into your Grand Theft Auto V/ELS/pack_default folder

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Hi ! Thanks for the answer.

- Yes for information I'm using the [ELS] Unfinished Los Angeles Police Department Pack.

- I can't open the menu, I've tried CTRL+P (the default key), I pressed also "J" several times nothing appears.

- Yes I put all the .xlm files into the ELS/pack_default


I also have to said that :

- I reinstalled Open IV, ELS, Script Hook, etc...

- I tried severals [ELS] models


But I seen in some discussion a file named "AdvancedHook.dll" but I don't have it, may it be the problem ? And it's the case how can I get it ?

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