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LSPDFR Uniform/wehicle pack compatible with FivePD?

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I am looking at downloading some EUP uniform packs/ELS vehicles for my fivePD server.

I was wondering if all ELS vehicles/ EUP uniform packs from LPSDFR's website were compatible with FivePD or if I have to find versions specific to FivePD.

I am hoping they are, as there are some packs that are not available here on FivePD.

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27 minutes ago, Smanbg said:

FivePD does not support ELS, and it is very unstable on FiveM itself, so I would recommend looking into NON-ELS vehicles.



Since I am still getting my server together, it wouldn't hurt in me trying it out and seeing how things work out. If the fiveM ELS mod does not work, I can always remove it 🙂



EUP is character customization, and it doesn't interfere with FivePD.


Ah..that is good to know.

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Alrighty, well, as far as I'm aware, ELS does not work with FivePD and you would not be able to conduct traffic stops. I've heard that ELS could be unstable in FiveM - others won't be able to see your lights, etc. If any issues arise, feel free to open another topic 🙂


Would you require any further assistance on this matter? 🙂

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6 hours ago, Natixco said:

Use ELS-Plus, it's more stable and better then the normal ELS for FiveM. Also you can move around the stopped vehicle. The controls were modified in v1.1, because of the ELS controls.

Thanks for the tip.

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I've decided to go with non els vehicles with luxart vehicle control.

In the end, I realized for me, ELS is more of a hassle over any benefits it will provide on my fivePD server  & it will be easier for me to manage vehicles.



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