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Toothpick is Back on GPM


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I'm Toothpick..


Well, I'm glad to see GPM is back!  Back in the day During the GTA IV Modding Days, When Bugz and Scott used to own GPM.


Since they moved on to HighSpeedGaming, they Killed GPM.  Some possible reasons were that there were some internal affair " Staff Issues ".


I used to be apart of the IV Development Team on GPM back in the day!   Quite some of my mods were lost since GPM shut down.

Was sad to see GPM go down as well with all the San Andreas/ GTA IV mods that were there..   


Anyways #Chip and I have been watching the Bids on Go Daddy for who would take the Throne!  #Chip put a bid out as well.  Since GPMs Domain has a very HIGH Rep and Traffic Feed!  Congrats and Thank you to whoever Claimed GPMs Throne!   

Excited to see the Future of GPM Reborn! " GPM V2 " Lol..   I plan to release some of the old Mods i had here Prior as well as new Mods!  GTA IV & GTA V!


" Beers " Cheers to a new GPM Start!


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  • Management Team

Welcome to the forums!

Happy to have you back at GPM! We aim on being different from the old GPM (in regards to how things where managed, etc).

However we too are also glad that GPM is back and ready to provide its users awesome content.

Once again welcome to GPM :)


Kind regards,



It takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

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