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Odd issues with some non els Addon Cars

Reason for Locking

By Benzaboy, on 10/26/20 12:51 PM.


Hey Peeps,


Im hoping someone can help shed a bit of light on this odd issue i have..


So i am running FivePD  and also running LUX Controls for lights and sirens,  and vMenu to spawn my non els cars and peds ..


Ok so when i start my server and spawn a non els car. ( Joshmods 2020 tahoe RB BB 1.0.0 ) i find the lights dont work..    this isn't the odd part.. 


the odd part is..  if i go into vmenu to the car options \ mods..  im not able to upgrade the engine\suspension armor etc.. i can only change wheels  lights and some basic stuff..   


but if i then do a /fdv and delete the vehicle with this issue .    and the stop and restart the resource for the vehicle   i can then access all the mods  engine upgrades, suspension etc  and when i activate the emergency lights on the car they all work fine..   


i have imported about 12 cars  where 7 work fine on firs spawn..   but about 5 of them i need to spawn the car then delete the car and restart the resource for the lights to work and all upgrades to become avalible.


Hopefully someone can shed a bit of light on this odd issue


Also does not show any errors in the console  of the server nor the game console. .   i have check the carcols and carvariables meta files and they seem ok. but then again im no meta guru. 



Cheers ?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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