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Affiliate Spotlight - Redneck

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This week, @Redneck is our Community Spotlight! Redneck is the proud owner/CEO of Redneck Modifications LLC, where he has been creating GTAV emergency car models for the last couple years. Joining the affiliate program in late April, Redneck has been a valued member of the affiliate program, constantly working hard on his upcoming releases.



What made you interested in the affiliate program?

I've always loved the idea and atmosphere of GPM since the very start. It's a place where developers of all walks of fields and niches can gather, whether you release to the public, like myself, or sell your product. There is no hate or bias to either type of party, the community and staff welcome everyone of all ideologies in modding. Whether you want to keep it realistic, or go ham, or if you want to sell, or release for free, there's a spot and place here on GPM for you to do such a thing, which makes it completely different from any other modding site which usually leans completely to one side or the other. That's why it was a perfect fit for me to partner with GPM, since they welcome people of all ranges, and were willing to partner with someone like myself who sells my product and makes a living off of it, but also equally supports those whom release for free by promoting their releases everywhere they can. It's truly friendly and positive environment to be in.


What is your favorite part about creating GTA models?

My absolute favorite part about running a company so unique is being able to fully interact with all of my customers. Seeing what walks of life each of them come from is truly amazing, I myself being from the sticks with a farming background can connect with people in sprawling cities around the world and find unanticipated common ground with everyone. Not only that, but interacting with he community in general whether it's people on GPM, other developers even video content creators that we all looked up to at one time is truly a great thing to be able to do. To see your content being used by people with a following of millions is something that never gets old and makes me truly thankful to be in the position that I am in. In summary, my favorite part is person to person interaction, and sharing our common love for modding, creation and design.


What brought you into wanting to create GTA models?

Back in GTA4, I seen people creating police cars, and I always wanted to create my own local towns police cars, but never could get anyone to do it. So I took upon myself to learn how to mod, back then it was using ZModeler2, and I ended up doing it. It then led into making parts of packs for the RP community I joined, LCDoJ, now formally known as DOJ or DOJRP. After I left, it never stopped my drive. It all drove my love for wanting to recreate something for not only myself, but other people and make it feel like you're doing something in real life, but it's really a virtual illusion, yet it feels real sometimes.


Do you have any advice for those wanting to get started at creating GTA models?

Determination is the best medicine you can take. If you're driven and determined, you can do anything you put your mind to. Set goals, don't give up, and never let anyone tell you that you can't. I was doubted and told that by some of the people I called "friends" before I started Redneck Modifications, and still to this day I'm always doubted by many. I always make it a point to be unique, and try new things, break boundaries and a lot of people will doubt you when you do that, but then you will see them all following in your footsteps weeks, months or years later. Make your own path, and you will shine bright in the dark tunnels of life.


Out of all the models you've created, which is your favorite?

After making over 100 listed models, it's really hard to pick a favorite, but as of recently, I really enjoyed making my 2020 RAM 3500. I'm a Mopar fanatic and I also own a Rebel 1500 RAM in real life, so the motivation is for sure heightened when I make anything "RAM" related. The uniqueness of the model and the time I put into making it definitely makes me satisfied when it was all said and done. It's one of the only, if not the only ones out there, and it's fully custom by just an idea I had in my head. Other projects that come in close second would be my MRAP, or any of my packs.








It's truly nice to chat with an affiliate who has the dedication and strong motive to create quality models, and just get to know more about the process. Seeing someone who has the drive to work every day on recreating the vehicles that emergency services use, and put an immense amount of love and effort into it, just radiates positivity in the community. For more information about Redneck and his work, you can check out his affiliate page!

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