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G'day everyone!


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The names Joe, AKA JBeenz, and I hail all the way from Australia (pronounced in native tongue as "Ostray'yah").

What brought me here? Dang, probably the same thing that brought many others here: Buggs and Favignano's awesome FivePD and DOJ content.

Buggs randomly popped up in my suggestions a few weeks ago, so started watching his content, then jumped over to Jeff's and Ryan's too.


What really interested me most though was FivePD. 

Did a little research and found theres waaaaayy more to this than I ever imagined. How had I never found this before?

The whole premise lends itself really well to content creation and opens up a world of possibilities, and having a small background in coding, I was like "Damn brother, you gotta get involved in this!".

So here I am, albiet a little late to the party, and totally geeking out at all of this.

Huge kudos to the dev team, and everyone who pitched in awesome mods for this.


Just today polished off a localhost to get a feel for how it all works, but banging around a city by myself after an hour got really boring, so I need to get onto a server.

Is there a server for total noobs?

I mean, Ive picked up a bit just watching the Youtube stuff, but I also learnt I still have alot to learn, and I dont wanna jump in a server and get in the way of players who know what they're doing.

Follow up question.. Is there a Wiki or something that lists all the radio codes and police protocol? Or are people just completely winging it?

Im assuming that many servers have thier own way of doing things, so whats the go there to learn that server? Discord?


But anywho, enough pleasantries, hoping someone can point me in the right direction, and I i'll see ya'll out there!



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Welcome to GPM, @Jbeenz! Hope you love it here, and feel free to join our Discord server!


We appreciate the kind words and your interest in FivePD, I really wish you have a great time playing it and with it (on the development side).


There is not an official FivePD server, however, there are dozens of community-made ones, some of them are available in the FivePD Server Browser in the FivePD section. I'd also recommend reading the FivePD Wiki so you could get familiar with things.


Also, there isn't a particular wiki for law enforcement jargon, procedures, codes, etc. You could always use google, but every department is unique by itself and has it's own protocols, but at the end of the day, FivePD is all about having fun with your friends, and having fun would lead to breaking some "protocols", but you could dig into google, law enforcement forums/subreddits, our own law enforcement discussions category over here, on the GPM forums, and have a good read.


Once again, welcome to GPM, hope you have a great time on the forums, in the community, and with FivePD! Also feel free to join our Discord server ?


Have a wonderful week and stay safe!

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YEEEWWWW! Thanks for the lightning quick reply Smanbg, and I really appreciate the help! Digging through all of it now 

You also have yourself a safe and awesome week!

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  • Community Administrator

Welcome to GPM! Hope you enjoy your time here!


Glad to see you're excited about FivePD. I think I shared your excitement the first time I found it as well haha. Hopefully you find that server that will help you learn the ropes and dive deep into the world of FivePD.


Have a great day!



Community Administrator

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