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A few problems since updating. to 1.2.1


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By BGHDDevelopment, on 07/14/20 02:47 AM.


So, i'm new at this but after searching for hours on the forums i have not been able to find a post containing my issues so  yeah,

1: for some reason i cant transport the peds myself to the stations etc. but the blips are there and im unsure if this is like working yet or no?

and secondly when i call for prisoner transport the npc will come and take the arressted ped and walk back to the vehicle. however they drive off with out the ped in the car. 


is anyone else having this problem or is it just me. 


Steps i have taken to attempt trouble shooting.

so far i have tried to do a clean install of fivepd from scratch, i also tried  installing fivepd on a dev server with just the basics.

if anyone has any tips thatd be great


upon turther instructions the cops basically dont wait for the ped to get in to the transport car.

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The only time I've had the issue of not being able to put peds in the back of my car was when I had a script interfering with pressing E. Going on and off duty seemed to fix that issue for me. The prisoner transport issue has already been reported as a bug.


Community Administrator

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I believe the transport leaving without taking the prisoner, and sometimes leaving behind the other officer as well is a known bug currently. Like BGHD said, I'd check the bug reports forum and if someone hasn't submitted it, submit a report.

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