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GPM's One Year Anniversary - New Downloads - FivePD - TrustFactor - and More!


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A Message From Ray

July 26th, 2020 will mark one year since the relaunch of GTAPoliceMods. Quite frankly, I do not even know where to start by writing this message. I am very proud of the overall growth from where we were last year to now. Our goal was simple when I decided to relaunch GPM; that goal was to re-establish a once prevalent and loved gaming community from the grave. I am glad to say that in a year, we have accomplished so much as a community. From starting Verified Developer elections, changing our logo, adding more site features, FivePD, and more users utilizing GPM. We value all developers who upload content to GTAPoliceMods and all of our fantastic users to download content to better their game/community. Our goal is also to ensure that GTAPoliceMods is a place where you and others can call home. A place where staff are mature and genuinely listen to your concerns. A place that values you for who you are, rather than a statistic. I believe GPM is that 'place' today and will continue to accomplish so much more in the future.
Kind regards,

New Downloads System

A few weeks ago, I instructed @FiveTwelve that our goal should be to renovate and rebuild our Downloads system. Personally, I am not a fan of the layout nor design of our old Downloads system. I feel that it's too hard to find files and truly see all the great content that has been uploaded by incredible developers. With that said, I am pleased to announce that GTAPoliceMods has successfully finished the development of our new downloads system. This new system introduces many new features to GPM that we feel will help benefit the community. Without getting too technical, this custom made download system by GPMDS sets the footprint of GPM. We are no longer bound and tied to IPBoards default downloads system; we now have ours instead. 

You may be asking 'What's New?', below is a list of everything that has changed.

  • Download Category Tabs - Easily navigate around the download system
  • File Preview - View inside the file before downloading
  • Filter by tags - You can now filter by ELS cars, Model Status, and much more!
  • Popular Files - GPM now has a 'content algorithm' that can detect what is a 'popular file'
  • Show Version Labels - When updating your content, you can specify the content by different labels such as "Full Release", "Hotfix", "Information", and more!
  • Verified Developers - Those who are Verified Developers on GPM will have an orange border surrounding their files
  • Set 'Homepage' - You can now set a category as your default homepage in the Downloads application
  • Overall Look - The whole downloads system has been designed to make it easy for you to find what you need

* Due to compatibility reasons with the 'File Preview' feature, as of today we will be removing the ability to upload .rar files. You'll still be able to download previous existing .rar files, but you will be unable to view the 'File Preview' feature.

GPM TrustFactor

This system determines the level of trust that the member has within the community. The system takes into account certain factors of the member to decide how 'trustable' they are. The TrustFactor will show on everyone's profile page and hovercard. It calculates data such as Two-Factor Enabled, Total Content Count, Last Email Change, Last Username Change, Total Warnings (Points Active), Account Age, VIP Member Status, Discord Account Added, Email Account Added, and much more. This system works on a weighted system; in other words, something that would be considered more 'important' would be weighted by a percentage higher than the others. To prevent abuse, staff can not change your trust score, nor will we discuss how the weighted system works.

Just a few points that TrustFactor analyzes:

  • IPS Spam Defense Score: This is an internal system that we use that determines the likelihood of a user being a 'spammer'. More info here.
  • Warning Points: Total active warning points greater than 1
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Checks to see if you have Two Factor Authentication enabled on your GPM
  • Email Account Verified: Checks to see if your GPM account has been verified during registration
  • Account Age: Checks to see how long you have been a member on GPM
  • Content Count: Checks your total content count on GPM
  • Last Username Change: Checks to see how often you change your username/nickname on GPM
  • Social Media Account(s) Added: Checks to see if you have Twitter/Discord added to your GPM account
  • Usergroups: Checks to see what usergroup you're in
  • Reputation Points: Checks your total positive/negative reputation points

* Management will not go more into detail on what exactly the system is checking to prevent abuse. Please note that the system is based on a 'weighted' average per category.*

Overall GPM TrustFactor is here to help you determine the level of 'trust' you or others have within the community. If you are selling content in the GPM Marketplace, we recommend using GPM TrustFactor as a part of your research on an individual or if you're just curious to determine a user's trust score.


I want to give a massive shoutout to @Daniel K.,@Natixco,@NotCamSliceand the Testing Team for their hard work and dedication towards the continuity of FivePD. As you know, FivePD was announced on January 2nd of this year and was officially released in April. Since the release to today, we have accomplished what no one else has accomplished nor ever dreamed of doing. A game mode that puts you and players in the front seat of a law enforcement officer within FiveM. At the time of writing this article, we have had 13 updates to the game mode and continue to listen to the GPM community on feature requests and bug reports. Our goal for FivePD is to give you a realistic yet action-packed adventure for you, your friends, and community to enjoy. None of this would have been possible without the help of our fantastic callout/plugin developers. They help contribute by utilizing the FivePD API to give you even more enriched gameplay.  


Remember, this is just the beginning of something great, which will continue to get better and better. We thank all of you who have helped spread the word since day one. And of course to those of you who are new and starting to get their feet wet into FivePD. We can't wait to share what's in store for the future of FivePD and what we plan to achieve.

Final Remarks

It has been such a great honor and pleasure to continue to serve as the Community Director of GPM. I want to thank everyone for such an enjoyable and successful year. No matter what user group you're in, know that you play a role in the success of GPM. If you had told me a year ago that GPM would be where it's at today, I honestly would have probably laughed. We have so much planned behind the scenes and can not wait to see what the next year holds for GPM. Last but not least, I want to thank the development team, staff team, and management for their hard work and non-stop dedication.


To another great year,


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Kind regards,



It takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

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  • Ray changed the title to GPM's 1-Year Anniversary [DRAFT]
  • Ray changed the title to GPM's One Year Anniversary - New Downloads - FivePD - TrustFactor - and More!
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@FiveTwelve- you did a great job on the enhancements! Sorry for my OCD throughout some aspects of the process haha! Happy 1 Year GPM!

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This is amazing great work everyone and the developers and management and staff you all are amazing keep it up and keep doing what your doing with you dedication to FIVEPD it’s amazing how much you guys do for this community and I want to say thanks for what you do for us ?

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