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Port Forwarding

Reason for Locking

By BGHDDevelopment, on 07/11/20 06:28 PM.


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1 hour ago, Delotrium said:

I am confused on how to port forward my FivePD server and I was wondering if I will able to get a 1x1 support from the start? Thanks

And ofc Ill hide all confidential information.

This video is for minecraft server but the process is the same for FiveM. Just change the ports to match the ones below:

TCP: 30120
UDP: 30120

You need to also open 30110 if you want your server to show in the server list.



Community Administrator

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1 hour ago, Delotrium said:

Nevermind - I found the issue

Just one final thing - how does my friend search up my server?

He could directly connect to the IP address or go to the server browser and search it up by the name set forth in the server.cfg

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2 minutes ago, Delotrium said:

Is the WAN the same as LAN?

As explained in Discord, they are different.


LAN stands for Local Area Network, and is used to connect the computers and other machines within the same local network - for example, your house.

WAN stands for Wide Area Network, and is used to establish a connection with an external network like the internet.

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