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installation support with zap- hosting


Reason for Locking

By TheCipher01, on 07/09/20 08:04 AM.


Hello there, 

I just want some help fixing my fivepd. for some reason i can get this to work, I've installed it  before in my local host server (FXserver) and it was working just fine but now that I'm trying to install it in my zap-hosting server which is public it doesn't work. do i have a resource that might be interfering with Fivepd ? I followed all the steps from the installation video and nothing.  this are my resources, is it something that i have to remove from the server resources? can you guys help ?


# These resources will start by default.
ensure assets
ensure Jailer
ensure mapmanager
ensure chat
ensure spawnmanager
ensure sessionmanager
ensure fivem

ensure fivepd
ensure hardcap
ensure rconlog
ensure scoreboard
ensure whitelist
ensure webadmin-lua
ensure wap-settings
ensure wap-chatlog
ensure bob74_ipl
ensure PvP
ensure trafficadjuster
exec resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg
add_ace group.admin "vMenu.Everything" allow
setr vmenu_bans_database_filepath "resources/vMenu/"
ensure vMenu
ensure EasyAdmin
add_ace group.admin easyadmin allow
set ea_moderationNotification "false"
set ea_minIdentifierMatches 2
ensure ghmattimysql
ensure esplugin_mysql
ensure es_admin2
ensure es_ui
ensure essentialmode
ensure chokos_PDvehicles_polchar
ensure chokos_PDvehicles_tahoe
ensure chokos_PDvehicles_pdram
ensure scpd1
ensure scpd2
ensure loadingscreen
ensure lightbars
ensure lightbarScript
ensure NativeUI
ensure lux_vehcontrol
ensure fd_maps
ensure wk_wars2x
ensure ekabheli
ensure firehawk
ensure policemav
ensure heli
ensure allcity_medical
ensure frfuelplus
ensure map
ensure nearest-postal
ensure mysql-async
ensure paletopd
ensure paletomedical
ensure modernsandyairfield
ensure police3
ensure InteractSound
ensure forestoverhaul
ensure BetterBlaineCounty
ensure Radargun-master
ensure grapseedDrag
ensure praiahouse
ensure SmartTrafficLights
ensure 17silver
ensure pack
ensure warmenu-master
ensure question-menu
ensure streetLabel
ensure Grovestreet
ensure charg1
ensure pdF150
ensure 16exp
ensure c14
ensure c18
ensure silv
ensure vic
ensure ymap
ensure CarCommand
ensure Spotlight-master
ensure pdmegapack
ensure swift4
ensure chp
ensure NativeUI
ensure eup-ui
ensure eup-stream
ensure 911
ensure Radiant_Animations
ensure vdk_call
ensure SEM_InteractionMenu
ensure LosSantosCentralHospital
ensure PIS
ensure rp_leoclockin
ensure wk_delveh
ensure RS_FlashingHeadlights
ensure dashcam-master
ensure RPCommands
ensure GPM-Pack
ensure Radioaltimeter
ensure fax-aop
ensure FigherTruck
ensure pd_sandy
ensure ai_towtruck
ensure hat-master
ensure Calm-AI
ensure dpemotes
ensure hospitalsandy
ensure PoliceStationLeMesa
ensure k9master
ensure esx_holster
ensure 8q400
ensure a220
ensure a319
ensure devpack
ensure loadout
ensure bob74_ipl

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  • Community Administrator

Have you followed this guide?


If so do you get an error? If so what? If no error, have you tried starting it without ANY addons ie:


# Only change the IP if you're using a server with multiple network interfaces, otherwise change the port only.
endpoint_add_tcp ""
endpoint_add_udp ""

# These resources will start by default.
ensure mapmanager
ensure chat
ensure spawnmanager
ensure sessionmanager
ensure fivem
ensure hardcap
ensure rconlog
ensure scoreboard

start fivepd ### FivePD Addon

# This allows players to use scripthook-based plugins such as the legacy Lambda Menu.
# Set this to 1 to allow scripthook. Do note that this does _not_ guarantee players won't be able to use external plugins.
sv_scriptHookAllowed 0




Community Administrator and FivePD Support Guru



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go on duty, computer system, calls and menus seems to be working but a fivepd menu pops up when i hit select (controller) for my  vMenu and I've noticed that DomesticDispute call-out is not working properly and is giving me a warning on the console. also for some reason I can't PULL OVER Ais (peds) in their vehicles they just keep driving. can you guys help? 

Edited by CHOKO
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yes sir i always do. I know i'm doing or did something wrong is not fivepd. I'm gonna open it up again and if it crashes or see the error again i'll post it in here. thank you guys for helping.

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This content has been locked by the Community Team. If you feel this was a mistake, please report this reply with a valid reason.



Community Administrator

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