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Affiliate Spotlight - Benzo Effect


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I'm pleased to introduce @Benzo or better known as "Benzo Effect" as this weeks Affiliate Spotlight! Joining the affiliate program in November of 2019, Benzo has been a great member of the program, always uploading/streaming great content, mostly consisting of GTAV, to his YouTube and Twitch channel! Benzo is a native Texan, and a IRL licensed paramedic, and another amazing content creator apart of the program.



What made you interested in the affiliate program?

Best way to answer this question is the question itself. The word affiliate means "officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization." I have grown my YouTube channel from the ground up. Spent over 4 years to gain over 55,000 subscribers and it was no easy task. I want my name associated with a great website that "connects" people that have a common interest that bring people together.


What is your favorite part about being a content creator?

My favorite part has always been teaching people how to do things. Whether that is through tutorials or through websites comments, I enjoy helping people get things to work for them. My second part is entertainment. The hard work to edit a video for example and seeing the viewership grow and my strong community that keeps coming back to watch me over and over again.


What brought you into wanting to be a content creator?

I used to play LCPDFR over 10 years ago and now LSPDFR for over 4 years now. I have been a paramedic for a very long time and I love anything emergency related. I didn't get a chance to become a cop in real life for different reasons, so now I get to play one in game. I had a conversation with Stevethegamer55 years ago, and he told me to just go for it. So with this encouragement, I started my own YouTube channel.


Do you have any advice for those who want to get started at creating videos/being a content creator?

My advice is to keep a goal in your head. If that is to make YouTube content or to be a streamer on Twitch for example, just go for it. Don't expect to grow fast. It can be very discouraging from the beginning. YouTube and Twitch have never heard of you. It takes time and most of all word of mouth for people to finally find you. Also, don't ever be contempt at what you do. Always strive to improve. Keep a vision in your head and keep going. Don't stop and don't give up. I can't count how many times I wanted to just stop. Now, I have fun making content and editing videos. I get a kick out of you guys that enjoy the content and it makes me happy.


Out of what you've done/all the videos you've made, which is your favorite?

By far it is my tutorial videos. There is not one single day that goes by that I don't get a compliment on my YouTube channel comments or live streams. Most people find me that way. I enjoy making people laugh and I really enjoy performing live in front of people and we all get to enjoy epic fails and epic wins together.



Please go check out Benzo's media and show him some much deserved love!






I love having the chance to connect and chat with first responders, and just getting to have a nice conversation. Benzo is one of these great people on the front lines serving his community IRL, and the gaming community at his desk. We've been quite lucky to have Benzo apart of the program since late 2019, and an active presence over his media. Uploading a new video every day, I'd strongly suggest that you all go check out his YouTube channel, and the rest of his media in the Link section. For more information about Benzo and what he does, you can check out his affiliate page!

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