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Problem with callouts.

N. Rico

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By NorthCam18, on 07/06/20 04:02 AM.


It may just be me but I followed a video tutorial to setup my FivePD server yet when I added the actual FivePD to the server files (latest FivePD version with hotfix) I added some callouts as well and none of them seam to be working in game at all, I have been in the server for hours on duty and the only thing I can do is a traffic stop on a vehicle and then half the time that becomes a vehicle chase. I just need some help trying to figure out why my callouts are not working and just for the record the callouts that come with FivePD by default dont even look like they work.


Edit: So I got it fixed earlier after a db restart and then it broke again and now I keep getting this error in the F8 console  


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4 hours ago, N. Rico said:


I had this issue before, and I fixed it by reinstalling everything(FivePD and the SQL's), as well as making sure whatever department you are using is set up properly, and not having a ton of callouts added. 


This file has helped with not receiving callouts as I am pretty sure when I made the departments I personally did not set them up correctly.


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