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Is it possible to disable options in the fivepd F11 menu


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By BGHDDevelopment, on 07/03/20 04:05 PM.


Just wondering if it is possible to disable the health and armor option in the F11 menu  ?? Also is it possible to stop someone spawning a new vehicle if they still have there current vehicle out.  E.g.   im wanting to try and stop someone from spawning a new vehicle if there current one is trashed.  So they wpuld need to either have mechanic repair there vehicle or have it towed away before they can spawn another vehicle.  As there i no real poont on having a mechanic if they can just select the car there in and respawn it to fix it..  as i have an ai mechanic and some repair shops they can go to repair there vehicle. Instead of just using respawn to reapir there car..  just means they have to look after there car and if they have a bad enough crash whilst on a chase they will lose there suspect.. 

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