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FivePD Starts - Wont load In-Game


Reason for Locking

By BGHDDevelopment, on 07/04/20 07:35 PM.


So I reinstalled FivePD from scratch. The database is working just fine, server console shows no errors at all.

But when I load in-game FivePD doesn't seem to have loaded. I hit F8 to see if any errors occurred, and this is what I get.image.thumb.png.d35f785cf48b3dd1046375f595e1eb0c.png

What I have tried:
Removed en.json from the languages folder
Deleted server cache

Again this is a fresh install. Only thing I did was added the callouts, no file edits.

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1 hour ago, Todd_Carson said:

2) Redownload FivePD and the FivePD hotfix.


Well you don't need to re-do the hotfix, the 1.1 release was updated to include it. So I'm wondering what issue was - if the normal download of 1.1 wasn't working after they updated it.

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