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FivePD v1.1.2 - Update

Daniel K.

Message added by Conway,

This version of FivePD is out-of-date; we recommend using the latest version to avoid issues. Support/Bug Reports/Suggestions may/will be ignored for old/older versions. 

Grab the latest version of FivePD here.


Happy Patrolling 🚔!

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  • Development Team



Note: Since v1.1, you must be in a department to open the callout menu / receive callouts!

  • Callout configuration for bundled callouts
    Single callout config example:
    Multiple callout config example (Requires the name of the callout class):
  • Allowlist
    To enable allowlist, you must add the "Allowlist" config option in the config.json: "Allowlist":true.
    Commands: (You must be an MDT admin! - isAdmin:1 in the database)
    • /fivepd add <player's server id>
    • /fivepd remove <player's server id>
  • components option for weapons. This is optional, so you don’t need to include it if you don’t want to. You can find the list of the components here.
  • Discord bot features (Invite the bot to your Discord server)
    • Off duty notification now displays the on-duty time
  • New rank management system (Please note that it is experimental, unexpected errors may happen)
    (Removed XP system - was buggy and pointless)
    • Fully working and customizable rank permissions, such as kick, accept, promote/demote lower ranked members (Permissions are not inherited!)
    • Rank priority (lower rank priority number = you can't kick / promote if you are in a higher rank priority)
  • Couldn’t initiate traffic stop or use MDT in some vehicles
  • Lower ranked members were able to kick everyone
  • Ranks with `callsign change permission`  could not change others' callsign
  • Could spawn objects in vehicle
  • Couldn’t stop ped again if they fled or attacked the player
  • “Small cone” and “Big cone” spawning was buggy
  • "Already in a department" MDT issue

Old callouts are still compatible, these are NOT breaking changes. You don't necessarily need to update your callouts.

How to update (from v1.1 hotfix)
  • Replace
    • computer folder
    • CalloutManager.net.dll
    • CalloutManagerServer.net.dll
    • FivePD_client.net.dll
    • TrafficStopServer.net.dll
    • FivePD.net.dll
  • MySql
    Execute the following commands in MySql
    • ALTER TABLE `ranks` DROP `xp`;
    • ALTER TABLE `users` DROP `xp`;
    • ALTER TABLE `ranks` ADD `rankNumber` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '1' AFTER `canChangeCallsign`;
    • CREATE TABLE `fivepd`.`allowlist` ( `userID` INT NOT NULL , UNIQUE (`userID`)) ENGINE = MyISAM;
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  • Community Administrator

Great work as per usual boys! Thank you! I'm in love with the rank management!

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Community Administrator and FivePD Support Guru



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  • Community Administrator

Awesome job like always. Thanks for all your hard work. ❤️

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GTAPoliceMods Community Administrator

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  • Community Administrator
10 minutes ago, JohnEmbaugh said:

I need help, I do not know where to run the commands. Haha sorry if this is super easy for you guys but ive tried running them in the SQL and it just gives me an error. 

You should use the support section for this not the comments of the post. https://gtapolicemods.com/index.php?/forums/forum/105-fivepd-support/

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Community Administrator

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  • Ray featured and pinned this topic

Im assuming v1.2 is going to completely override v1.1 and all my configs? Big ooooff

EDIT: Wait nvm I see there is instructions on how to update. My bad xx

Edited by Purdie
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  • Community Administrator
20 minutes ago, xxd3athfir3xx said:

small question  i d'ont have any uniform option in the menu 

It was removed in 1.1 you'll have to use a trainer like vMenu to spawn in peds now.



Community Administrator

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