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Affiliate Spotlight - Devin Plays


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I'm happy to introduce this weeks Affiliate Spotlight, @DevinL or known as "Devin Plays", who has been a member of our affiliate program since the beginning of the crazy year, 2020. Devin started creating YouTube videos a little over a year ago, after discovering the LSPDFR mod. Devin found he rather enjoyed the mod, and wanted to share his play experience with others. Devin's goal has always been to provide an interesting balance of realism with excitement, and to liven it up with some humor. Devin prioritizes his audience's thoughts over his own, when it comes to his gameplay and YouTube.



What made you interested in the affiliate program?

Honestly, I watched as GPM started and grew, and really liked the community that was developing around it. I wanted to be apart of something bigger and bring my own contributions to the community as a whole. I'd be lying if some of my motivation wasn't promotional, and if I didn't say it, you'd all know I was lying by omission ?.


What is your favorite part about being a content creator?

Interacting with my audience. I always try and reply in some way to every comment, question or concern, be it on YouTube or Discord. I have never understood creators who sit above or apart from their fan base... what's the point if you aren't going to engage with the people you're producing for?


What brought you into wanting to be a content creator?

Well, as I said before, it was mostly a desire to share my experience and gameplay experiences with a wider audience. I had a roommate at the time who enjoyed watching me play and I thought maybe some other people would as well. As of this writing, about 617 people enjoy watching my videos or can't figure out where the unsub button is lol.


Do you have any advice for those who want to get started at what you do?

As I said before, it's all about being connected with your audience. Presentation is important, so is technical competence, your game has to look good, run good and be good for people to watch, but more than that, they have to know you, know that you want and desire to interact with them. Above all, you've got to be true to yourself!


Out of what you've done/all the videos you've made, which is your favorite?

Abstractly, the favorite thing I've done is build a gaming community around my work, and I'm thankful for every single person subbed to my channel, watching my work, and in my Discord. I wouldn't be where I am today without those people. A more concrete example would be my, as of now incomplete, Blue Line Across America series, in which I'm planning to showcase one episode dedicated to the highway patrol/state police agency for each of the fifty US states. It's fun for me to learn a bit more about the agency and present that historical information during the video, and, I hope the audience enjoys it as well.



Please go check out Devin Plays' media and show him some much deserved love!






It's truly amazing to get to talk to with someone so dedicated to their audience and community they've built up. Devin's been a valuable affiliate that we have been very lucky to have since early 2020, and a positive presence in such a negative year. Devin uploads great new content every week, and I'd strongly recommend checking that out at his YouTube channel, with the link provided above. At GTAPoliceMods, we value and hold our community interaction to a very high standard, and I'm grateful we have an affiliate who believes in and does just the same; shows love to the people that show love to him. You can read more about Devin and his community at his affiliate page, found here.

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Arguably the best VIP member here


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