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Traffic ignores sirens

Reason for Locking

By Benzaboy, on 10/26/20 12:50 PM.


Hi guys,


I'm using a ZAP hosted fivem server and added some extra police vehicles to the server.

The vehicles seem to work great but for some reason traffic seems to ignore the sirens of these police cars and don't move aside when I'm driving with lights and sirens on.

The cars are all ADD-ON vehicles, so they don't replace the vanilla ones. (When I do replace the vanilla ones, it works perfectly though but I want to have more police cars)


The cars are using ELS (maybe that's the problem?).

I copied the vehicle.meta info from the original cars (police, police2) and renamed the model- and texture names.

The vehicles are also flagged as Law Enforcement and Emergency Service.


Do you guys know what else I should add/change to make them no longer being ignored by other traffic when I drive them with sirens and bluelights on?

Thanks for your help!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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