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Police lights not working

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By NorthCam18, on 07/01/20 09:36 AM.


I realize this is a common problem, but I'm at the end of my rope. I tried looking for a solution for this without any success. Some had the same issue, but it seems like no one ever updates their threads to explain how they fixed the problem. 


I installed this mod for my new FiveM server with FivePD. I followed the included instructions to the letter, and everything works fine besides the lights. 




In the mods Q&A section it mentions if your lights don't work, that an existing carvariations.meta file could be causing the issue. However the only vehicles I've added so far as from said pack. So unless there's a carvariations.meta file within the server files installed without my knowledge, I can't see why the lights are refusing to work.


Could someone please provide assistance?  

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They appeared to be the same. That said, feel free to delete this. I've spent far to much time trying to make this pack work, and the alternate one I found works just fine. Thanks for the help. 

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If your lights are not working that could mean that you're missing the carcols file, or the carvariations/carcols are set up incorrectly.


Are you sure that you've properly imported, set up/merged all files?

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I am yes. No files are missing. I followed the authors instructions to the letter. I did go inside each meta file and tried to locate anything out of place, and couldn't see anything. However I'm still new to this. 

That said, I'm not hugely invested in this pack. I'd just like to learn how to fix problems as they arise. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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