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callouts config not working


Reason for Locking

By NorthCam18, on 07/01/20 09:02 AM.


i cant get callout to be restricted to a certain department. This is the config i am using 

  "IgnoreDistance":false, // If set to true, the callout can spawn outside of the department area
  "MinTimeout":0, // The minimum timeout before this callout can be instantiated again (0 = immediately)
  "Probability":2, // Moved it here instead of being hardcoded by the callout developer
  "Department":[2] // Restricts the callout only for these departments (identified by their ID).

but both department 1 and 3 still get the callout. The callout am using is the car callouts. is there something wrong with the config or is this a bug.


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