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MDT Not Working


Reason for Locking

By BGHDDevelopment, on 06/25/20 09:22 PM.


Hi, so i set all my server and looks as if the mdt doesnt work and neither does the Z menu, no callouts fully fresh install, and the mdt only works for vanilla cars, i added my custom ones into the mdt.vehicles.json and they dont work and my fivepd wotn function if its not the default, please help ?


this is what my custom ones look like









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Did you install FivePD 1.1 completely from scratch? Have you set the database correctly?


Also make sure that you're on duty when attempting to use Z and the MDT.


Please screenshot your game console (F8) or your server console if any errors are popping up.

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Are you sure that the callouts that you have uploaded are compatible with 1.1? It's important to note that if they are not, they will not work, as the API has been completely updated.

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Make sure that the callouts are all compatible with 1.1. In 1.06.1 I was experiencing issues with the MDT, F11, and Z menus due to outdated callouts.


Also, make sure that the gamenames within your vehicle metafiles are set to the spawncodes of the vehicles, which you are using in mdt-vehicles.


If the issues continue, I'd recommend keeping track of the FiveM Support section of the forums as quite a few people seem to be having issues with their MDTs and you might find a fix.

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