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Affiliate Spotlight - Y0TELEX


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Community affiliates are a big part of GPM's community. I'm excited to introduce this weeks Affiliate spotlight, @Y0TELEX, who is a valued member of both our affiliate program, and testing team! Y0TELEX is a part time Twitch affiliate, and YouTube Partner, who began uploading LCPDFR gameplay in 2013 to YouTube. He's recently switched to the Twitch platform for livestreaming GTAV roleplay, ATS, and many other games!



What made you interested in the affiliate program?

I have been involved in playing/modding GTA since Liberty City. I have been an active member in the LCPDFR/LSPDFR community for years, and saw an opportunity to become affiliated with a known and respected community. This community is very knowledgeable, positive, and respectful. I wanted to be apart of that environment and help spread awareness to this great community.


What is your favorite part about being a media content creator?

I think my favorite part about being a Twitch streamer / YouTube Partner is the interaction I get with my followers. I have been around since 2013, and at some points in my career have had a large following. So, being able to sit back and enjoy gaming while getting to hand out with my followers and friends I have made since then is the best part about what I do.


What brought you into wanting to be a content creator?

I wanted to break into showcase gaming simply because it looked fun. I also wanted to build my own community and share knowledge I gained with modding/streaming. I have had A LOT of help throughout my gaming career and I found myself wanting to give help back to those need/want it. I love gaming, it's my escape from reality, and I'm happy I found a way to do that. Unless you are lucky enough to escape the mundane Monday-Friday brain numbing job cycle, you have to find something to decompress. Gaming/streaming is mine.


Do you have any advice for those who want to get started at being a content creator?

Be yourself. There are so many gimmicky streamers that I feel put on a false persona. I promise you will have much more fun if you simply be yourself. Also, surround yourself with positive people to build your brand. Cut out any toxic people you have in your circle. I was fortunate enough to start my career with a great group of guys and it really made what I do fun, and I learned early on the benefits of building with a group of positive thinking people. Lastly, have fun. Streaming/gaming will never be a full time job opportunity for me, or a lot of people. You have to have fun with it. Once it stops being fun, it's just an unpaid job. Put your mental health above the rest. Taking breaks is great for recollecting your mind if you ever find yourself getting "burnt out". We game because we love it, if the love isn't there, it's time to unplug.


Out of what you've done and/or the videos/streams you've done, which is your favorite?

Honestly just seeing the growth of my community and even seeing others within my community grow has been my favorite part. I truly enjoy to help others around me grow. I am a big believer in the quote "if I eat, we are all going to eat". My growth may have declined a lot over the years, due to long length absences, but I still find what I do enjoyable with the smaller group I have now, and i will continue to roll with it until it stops being fun!



Please go check out Y0TELEX's media and show him some much deserved love!






I truly had a pleasure connecting with Y0TELEX, receiving his feedback on the affiliation program and getting to go through the interview process with him. Y0TELEX is a truly inspiring, knowledgeable member of the community, and I was very pleased with the experience I had. Not only is Y0TELEX an amazing content creator, but he's shown his true dedication to GTAPoliceMods. Displaying the GTAPoliceMods logo on every stream, YouTube banner, twitter bio, just shows how much he cares and loves the community. GPM community, please go show Y0TELEX some much deserved love and support on his media platforms!

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Arguably the best VIP member here


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