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FivePD v1.1 - Update ⭐

Message added by Ray

For support or assistance please use the FivePD Support forum. Please do not request for help/troubleshooting in this announcement. Thank you!

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  • If you have already downloaded v1.1, you'll only need to download "v1.1 Hotfix Only" and then copy & replace those files in your fivepd folder.
  • Note: You need to change the enable:false to true in the Discord settings to enable the bot.
  • Fixed
    • ALPR flagged every vehicle
    • Arrested ped drove off at traffic stop
    • Couldn’t release grabbed ped if they were dead
    • MDT addon vehicle issues
    • Prison transport didn’t move after picking up the ped, also couldn’t cancel it



  • Department management
    • Department application can now be closed/opened
    • Limit department members
    • Accept/Decline applicants
    • Permission by ranks (kick members, accept new members, change callsign, etc.)
    • Set department area (for callouts)
    • X,Y,Z position + radius
    • You can now add a predefined callsign format when creating a new department. (Available characters: N = number, L = letter, * = Number or Letter, - = dash, _ = underscore. Eg: NN-LL = (random) 00-AA )
    • When a player joins, they'll receive a random callsign according to the predefined format (can be changed by ranks with "can change callsign" permission)
    • Change department data
    • Promote/Demote members

Department Settings.png

  • Callouts can now be placed in folders
  • Spikestrips
  • Callout config
    • Each callout now have a default config, which you can change by placing the callout in a folder and creating a "config.json" file.
      You can set the following config:

      Callout config example.png

      IgnoreDistance: If a callout spawns outside the department area, you wouldn't receive it unless you set this to true. (Default value: false)
      MinTimeout: Minimum timeout before a player can receive the same callout. (Default value: 0)
      Probability: Now you can configure the probability of each callout. The higher number you set, the more chance it'll have to spawn. (Default value: 1)
      Department: You can define which departments can receive the given callout (If you don't specify the `Department` in the config, every department will have the chance receive it). (Default: null = any department)

      Example config:
        "IgnoreDistance":false, // If set to true, the callout can spawn outside of the department area
        "MinTimeout":0, // The minimum timeout before this callout can be instantiated again (0 = immediately)
        "Probability":1, // Moved it here instead of being hardcoded by the callout developer
        "Department":[1,5,9] // Restricts the callout only for these departments (identified by their ID).
  • Set/remove admins using the admin menu
  • Better error handling
  • Accept backup requests by pressing `Y`
  • Notification when someone accepts your backup request (displaying their callsign)
  • Progression will be resetted when you leave a department (or when your get kicked)
  • Synced dispatch menu notifications (in a small radius)
  • Code 99 backup now requires you to accept it (so it works the same as other backups, except it plays the "beep" sound when requested)
  • When you get on scene of a callout, members of your department will receive an "<your callsign> is on scene... <callout>" notification
  • Busy status
    • You won't receive callouts/backup requests
  • You can now search in the MDT by pressing enter
  • Keybindings (most of the keys can be changed in the computer)
  • From now, you'll need to be in a department to receive callouts/use the `Z` menu
  • Changing translation will be saved automatically
  • Menu alignment toggle (left/right) in the options menu (due to MenuAPI limitations, it does not work properly on aspect ratio 17:9 and 21:9)
  • Options submenu in the Duty menu
  • Waypoint set to closest jail drop off point if there is an arrested ped in your vehicle (default key is X, but a notification will pop up)
  • Blip toggle in options menu
  • A 'ghost' object will appear when you open the object placement menu and try to place a new object to show it’s position. It will delete any vehicle that is on it’s position (it’s not a bug, so please don’t report it)
  • Blip for your patrol car
  • Command to delete the closest vehicle to you or if the one you’re sitting in (properly networked). Use: /fdv or /fpd (for peds)
  • Stations and jail dropoffs customization (config/coordinates.json)
    • Follow the formatting!
      • The coordinates’ order: X, Y, Z
  • Loadout customization (config/loadouts.json)
  • New services
    • Air ambulance (5 spawn locations: Grapeseed and Sandy Shores airports and on top of the 3 hospitals in Los Santos)
    • Animal control (works like the coroner, but for animals)
    • Mechanic (just like the tow truck,if you are on foot it’ll repair the closest vehicle to you and from the MDT it’ll repair the vehicle in front of your vehicle)



  • Increased spawning distance for services, also increased their speed
  • If services has nothing to do on the scene they won’t get out
  • New MDT design
  • Moved language change to options menu
  • Tow truck and mechanic notification will display the name of the vehicle that they were called to
  • Increased vehicle flag possibility from 10% to 25%
  • Cruise control’s new button is LCTRL
  • Peds now have 30% that they have alcohol in their blood
  • Tow truck and mechanic request notification will show the vehicle’s brand and color
  • You won’t be able to spawn a new vehicle while the mod is currently spawning you one. Also it’ll delete your last patrol car
  • Uniform changer has been removed from duty menu
  • Reduced the time to cancel a traffic stop and cuff/uncuff from 3 to 2 seconds
  • To stop a ped you have to press and hold E for 2 seconds



  • Random callout spawn bug
  • Coroner and EMS will only take care of peds
  • Prison transport bugged if the ped was dead
  • Menus won’t open with controller
  • When follow, mimic or go to marker was enabled and you canceled it while the vehicle was moving it started to drive to the infinity and beyond
  • MDT issues
  • Cruise control will show your real speed
  • Better error handling for vehicles, loadouts and items.json files
  • Speedzones weren’t synced between players
  • ALPR wasn’t working. How it works: It’ll check for vehicles in your 30m radius which has any of the followings
    • Invalid registration
    • Invalid insurance
    • Flag
  • Attach closest player to the current callout (was not working)
  • Report data won't be resetted if you close the computer (when writing a new report)
  • Cancelling backup blip remained on the map
  • ... and many other smaller issues/bugs



FivePD v1.1 now supports plugins.

Check out the API changelog on the GitHub wiki below:




How to install


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FivePD 1.1 stream maybe? 😄

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My Patreon Page for Regular Updates and News: https://www.patreon.com/OfficialLukeD


I stream live gameplay and developer talks on twitch! https://twitch.tv/OfficialLukeD


Join my official discord server for support, general chat and my stream schedule! https://discord.gg/Mddj7PQ


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had it working, then did the hotfix. copied everything over. and now it says cannot connect to database. i am using ZAP hosting. hoping someone can point me in the right direction on what i did wrong

Edited by thadcastle
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1 hour ago, thadcastle said:

had it working, then did the hotfix. copied everything over. and now it says cannot connect to database. i am using ZAP hosting. hoping someone can point me in the right direction on what i did wrong

You need to edit the connection details in the config.json.

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  • Management Team
38 minutes ago, Evilshade said:

where is the Uniform how do you get in uniform i been stopping peoples on regular T-Shirt and pants

For support or assistance please use the FivePD Support forum. Please do not request for help/troubleshooting in this announcement. Thank you!

Kind regards,



It takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

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20 hours ago, Ray said:

For support or assistance please use the FivePD Support forum. Please do not request for help/troubleshooting in this announcement. Thank you!

i was not asking for support or any type of help, i was just saying that there is no option to get in uniform on the F11 menu.

Edited by Evilshade
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33 minutes ago, vLegion said:

Unable to add Departments? 
Final button fails to click

Open a support thread. https://gtapolicemods.com/index.php?/forums/forum/105-fivepd-support/

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Community Team | Administrative Support

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