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Installing FivePD to a FiveM ESX Server (Zap Hosting)


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By Sebo, on 09/01/20 10:29 PM.

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=============================== This was a spur of the moment post, Admin Team. If I am overstepping or out of bounds with this one, please let me know. I'll remove it immediately.==========================

For all those who are wondering, yes! FivePD and FiveM's ESX DO work together! Much of this is going to resemble the official setup guide given by the authors and administrative team of FivePD itself. Fair warning. If you need a secondary reference to the FivePD install, I invite you to check in there. There is a link on step 6 associated with this setup guide. My method of setup involves the following:


-------> If you have a Zaphosting server, FivePD installed, and an FTP Browser, skip down to the point of no return: Step 12. As well, be sure that your server is "Stopped" before beginning this process. <----------

1.) Get a server from Zap Hosting (Obviously, as this topic's title suggests)

2.) Go to "Resources" on your Zaphosting Dashboard

3.) Find and Install ESX Full Pack ZAP REPO using the one-click option available

      a. Configure ESX as you see fit

4.) Return to your Dashboard and scroll down to "FTP - Browser"

5.) Install one of the provided FTP-Browsers (Hint: Filezilla is a popular choice).

6.) Set up your Filezilla so that it connects successfully to your ZapHosting server by:
      a. Finding your Host IP, Username, Password and Port information on: Zaphosting Dashboard -> FTP-Browser (see figure below)

      b. Input all of these items in their respective spots on Filezilla

      c. Click "server -> connect"

1655101605_ZAP-Hosting2.0Webinterface-Gameserver151_81_48.205_30136-FTP-Browserand4morepages-Personal-MicrosoftEdge6_15_20206_39_31PM.png.15e1e98f49b0fc25a531fc31bdaded56.png  <--------- "figure below"


679958229_FileZilla6_15_20206_44_12PM.png.9f9aa9ff6a06f2e540346c6c54afa3fd.png  <-------------- "Respective spots on Fivezilla" and "Server -> Connect"



6.) If you haven't already, download FivePD from:

*** Also find the FivePD Official Setup Guide by Natixco is here!!! Follow it if you're lost or want to check your (and my) work regarding the following steps! ***


7.) Unzip FivePD to a location (file or desktop) that you can easily find.


8.) On your now-connected Filezilla, open the "resources" folder found in "server-data"


9.) Drag and drop your "fivepd" file into this "resources" folder.


10.) Go back to "server-data", find server.cfg, right-click it and hit "Edit". This should open the cfg in a word-like editor. If it doesn't, make sure it does. (Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, etc.)

11.) Depending on your operating system (Linux, Windows, etc.), add line: "ensure fivepd" (space included) OR "start fivepd" amidst the many others, save, and close that editor. When prompted on Filezilla, be sure to hit "Yes" to overwriting.


================================================================ Point of No Return! Don't Muck Up! =================================================================================


12.) Go to Zaphosting Dashboard and scroll down to Database! YOU MUST (MUST) CREATE A NEW DATABASE, otherwise uninstalling FivePD is going to be a pain and a half should you ever get tired of EVERYBODY being able to be five oh.

13.) Once that Database is created, click on the "manage" button of THAT NEWLY CREATED DATABASE (IT'LL BE THE SECOND ONE, DAMN IT! [unless you have tons of other databases for some odd reason, then it'll be the latest one]), it'll navigate you to the login screen of that database.

14.) Once there, input your username and password (which are provided to you on the "Database" page you were just navigated from.) When you're logged in, you should be looking at a blank database. If it isn't blank, STOP AND GO BACK TO ZAPHOSTING TO ENSURE THAT YOU CLICKED "MANAGE" ON THE NEW DATABASE.

15.) On the left panel, there will be a "Structure", should be an alphanumeric [a mix of letters and numbers] that read: zapxxxxxx-x. Click it. This is to ensure that you place the next step in the correct location.
HINT: If you click on the alphanumeric and a list DOES NOT cascade, that indicates that it is, in fact, the new database.

16.) Take (drag) that fivepd.sql file so graciously provided by our epic authors of this epic mod


17.) Return to Filezilla, find your "fivepd" folder in the "resources" folder. We are looking for the "config.json". Open this in an editor. I personally find Visual Studio Code 2019 to be very handy.

18.) Input your: username, password, host and database between the quotation marks provided. DO NOT edit the "Port". If you do, FivePD won't be able to navigate to your database when your server is started. 
      a. Username, password, host and database info all found on your Zaphosting dashboard -> Database (the same info you used to access your new database earlier. Make sure you are inputting the information for that new database. OTHERWISE: FivePD won't run. Why? Because you directed it to a database that didn't have the required fivepd.sql. Silly rabbit.

19.) Have fun. Kick off your server and Patrol w/FivePD when there are no players to RP with, RP because there's no time to save the citizens of Townsville. Or do both! Enjoy guys! Stay true! Peace!

-AF ✌️

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