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New to FivePD, Where to start?


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By BGHDDevelopment, on 06/12/20 09:34 PM.


Hello All,


Please forgive me if this has been asked already, which I'm sure it has and I just didn't find/overlooked it.


I'm new to FivePD and FiveM as it is and am looking for a little clarification, if you can assist.


I've been watching videos on installation of FivePD but I keep seeing that I need to create my own server? I am sure I am missing something and assume I can just join a server already made?


But of course I still know that I need to install FivePD in order to play it period. 


Can anyone offer any guidance/clarification to get me up and running?



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Welcome ?

FivePD itself is the name of the gamemode that a server owner can install to their FiveM server. If you are looking to start your own server I would reccomend seeing the pinned topics within the subforum from @BGHDDevelopmentas he has a great video library of tutorials. If you are just looking to play FivePD on a server then all you have to do is find a server that has the FivePD gamemode. To find a server you can go to our Server Browser by hovering over the 'FivePD' header and clicking on 'FivePD Server Browser'. Do note however that not all FivePD servers are listed there. There are many other FivePD servers you can find by opening your FiveM and typing "FivePD" in the search field. I would recommend you take a look around our site at our 'FivePD Wiki' section too. If you are confused here is a screenshot that I took that shows all of the FivePD resources we have > https://i.imgur.com/ehRh5AH.png.

If you have any specific questions feel free to make another thread and ensure you list your question/issue with great detail for the best possible support.




Kind regards,



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