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George Floyd Protests and Riots

Dirty Dan

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What is all of yours opinions on the riots and protests about George Floyd? Here's my opinion:

George Floyd was murdered in my opinion, that officer had received improper training, and clearly had no regard for human life after Floyd cried multiple times that he can't breath. And when a man is crying for his mom, and since his mom has passed, basically what he is saying is, "God help me, please don't kill me". I don't mind all the protests, but all the riots and having to mobilize every National Guard soldier in Minnesota, is just flat out ridiculous. These rioters are hurting their own communities and other communities.


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I Agree, Police need to use force in order to effect arrests or otherwise detain offenders  but it must always be justifiable, proportionate and necessary. It is an occupational hazard that sometimes subjects don't want their liberty to be taken and they can become aggressive and actively resist arrest, to which Police are justified in using reasonable force.  In this case their is zero justification, Zero Reasonable force to to cover an officer kneeling on a subjects neck for 8 minutes after going unresponsive. We are trained in dealing with positional asphyxiation and even lying on your stomach for a prolonged period can cause death let alone with a knee on your neck. Bad training, Bad management and total disregard for human life, Complete disgrace to the badge pinned on his chest. I hope the Former Officer is afforded his rights at law, Goes to court and has a fair trial and if a jury elects for it to be, is found guilty and is handed down a sentence proportionate to the crime.


These riots are harming communities at a time we need to be closer than ever with the shadow of a global pandemic, However, i understand the pain and people should be aloud to express their feelings, Most are, but just as with police departments and protesters, there are bad apples that spoil the bunch.


No one hates bad cops more than good cops. 




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Disclaimer: I'm not a member of law enforcement or any governmental agency, and my view on this does not reflect or represent any view or standpoint of GPM's.


Personally, I do think the officer that was leaning on George's neck, deserved to be charged with murder. After the officer continuously proceeded to kneel into his neck after George said multiple times that he couldn't breathe, the officer should've known. Personally, I think the riots demanding justice are a bit much. I get it, people are upset and want justice, but burning down Target's and raiding stores just seems unnecessary. Lighting the precinct on fire, also seemed to be a bit much. Yes, everyone is angry with the police, but it's hard because the one officers actions have now turned pretty much the country upside down, making all officers look bad.


It's a tough situation, but given the time and the apparently never ending 'disasters' that 2020 seems to be throwing at us, it just makes it tougher on the whole thing.




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