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AI drivers despawning



So, my issue is that if two players are on duty and are in close proximity to each other, AI drivers begin to disappear leaving empty cars in the road. Sometimes cars will despawn leaving their drivers stood in its place. we tested this as best we could last night and we couldn't get it t happen at all unless we where on duty. as an example, we where both running radar a few miles apart on Senora FWY with no issues at all, my friend ends up chasing a driver that eventually wrecks. I arrive on scene to start managing traffic as he deals with the driver. within 30 seconds or so of me arriving the AI drivers begin despawning. the scene is cleared and i go back to my patrol. after getting a mile or so away from the other player, the despawning stops. Everything works perfectly  other than this but it is constant whenever two players are close to each other.


i apoligise if this is a complete noob mistake on my part. we are just a coulpe LSPDFR players who have always wanted mulitplayer and have zero FiveM experience

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