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Cars that were stopped becoming unstoppable maniacs.



Heya folks,


I wasn't sure where to put this at first, as it isn't really a bug since there are no console errors or anything of the sort present,


but me and my buddy have noticed, that whenever we had conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle, that exact vehicle would become a behemoth.


Not in the sense that it ran berserk, since it followed the "normal" GTA traffic laws, but it ignores EVERYTHING in its path completely. Another NPC braking to make a turn? Ran straight into him without slowing down. An empty vehicle on the road? Smashed it off the road. A pedestrian or us standing there blocking the road? Dead. There literally was no way to stop this onslaught other than either dragging them out of the vehicle, Deleting the vehicle or performing another traffic stop and getting the driver out. I mean, we could fill up our prison with maniac drivers, but that's not really the point after letting them off the hook first, is it?


Haven't exactly seen this addressed anywhere, but if this is a duplicate, I apologize.


Any help would be appreciated



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