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FivePD v1.0.6.1 - Update

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This area is not for support. Please do not comment here asking for help, if you need support because something is not working please go to the proper forum section.

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Fixes in

  • Empty F11 menu
  • G menu can be translated

How to update from 1.0.6

  • Replace
    • languages folder (new template, G menu can be translated)
    • CalloutManager.net.dll
    • FivePD_client.net.dll

How to update from

  • Add
    • languages folder
    • config/mdt_vehicles.json
  • Replace
    • Computer folder (delete the old first)
    • config folder
    • __resource.lua
    • CalloutAPI.net.dll
    • CalloutManager.net.dll
    • CalloutManagerServer.net.dll
    • TrafficStopServer.net.dll
    • FivePD_client.net.dll
  • Database
    • If you already have a working FivePD with database, run the following sql command:
      ALTER TABLE `departments` ADD `area` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 AFTER `hiring`;
      • You can enter the command here (in phpmyadmin)phpmyadmin.png
      • If not, just import the new .sql file
    • If it does not work, make sure to try it with a clean install before submitting a support request



    • Selected charges will be deselected automatically after you upload a report
    • Visibility of the department name on light background
    • No more flying vehicle with cruise control



    • Backup request notification
    • MDT optimization (department selection screen -> disabled blurred bg)



    • Localization files (Computer can't be translated yet)
      • The name of the *.json file should be a language code (eg. "en")
      • Place additional language files in the languages folder
      • To translate FivePD to your language, make a copy of the en.json and rename it to <your_language_code>.json and translate the text
    • Support for callout config files (See Issue #23) (For developers)
    • Configurable MDT vehicles (config/mdt_vehicles.json)
      • These vehicles can be used to perform traffic stops & access the MDT
    • CalloutCleaner now supports properties (not just fields) (For developers)
    • "Busy" status (Disable callouts on duty | `Z` menu -> Disable callouts)
      By enabling this option, you won't be receiving new callouts
    • Increased the department limit to 25
    • Debug menu:
      • Server admins are now able to disable specific callouts for everyone
        E_D callouts 2.png


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    After redoing everything, would like to make another comment on here.


    Sorry for posting in the wrong chat to start. Just want to say great work to you guys behind the scenes! Keep up the good work! Hope to see more in the future!

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